Nico Maas (1989) is a Cologne-Amsterdam based film composer, producer and performer (guitar, percussion, vocals).
Many of the films for which he has composed have garnered national and international prizes. Most recently El Muerto, directed by Loïs de Jong, was awarded £1,000,000 at That Film Festival 2020 (London) for the development of a feature-length release. In 2019, Nico won the Keep An Eye Filmscore Award for his work on Hannah van Tassel's film Un Chanteur Invisible, which also received funding from The Netherlands Film Fund as their Wildcard Documentary selection.
Nico is active in several ensembles, writing and performing music of varied influences - pop, rock, jazz, country, singer-songwriter - touring in Europe and Australia. He appears regularly in the Dutch theatre and cabaret scenes and looks forward to his jazz quintet MFG's fourth tour in 2021, as well as the release of their third EP, which he is producing.
Nico holds a bachelors degree in Jazz Guitar from the Amsterdam School of the Arts, as well as a masters in Composition for Film from their collaborative program with the Netherlands Film Academy, where he studied with Jurre Haanstra.
A native of Aachen, Nico comes from an artistic family: his mother is a designer and his father was a musician composing for television and cinema.




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Nico Maas ist ein Komponist / Filmkomponist / Produzent / Musiker / Gitarrist / aus Köln.

Nicolas Maas is een componist / filmcomponist / producent / muzikant / gitarist uit Keulen (Köln).

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